H2O INNOVATE Launches the CleanShield on KickStarter

H2O INNOVATE launches its first product the CleanShield on KickStarter. The CleanShield is the ultimate windshield cover for vehicle owners that park outdoors in the winter months. It allows drivers to easily remove frost, ice and snow from the windshield without brushing or scraping so they can quickly get on the road.

The CleanShield has been purposefully designed to help drivers save time, save money and drive safely. It has a seamless appearance that adapts to the contours of your windshield making it look like it was custom made for your vehicle and comes with the following features:
• Easy to Install and Remove. It’s a cinch to use the CleanShield as the cover pops open on its own and installs in seconds. Removing the cover is just as easy. Fold the cover in half and slip off your vehicle to watch the frost, ice and snow slide right off the waterproof fabric.
• Patented Inner Spring Technology. Utilizes a spring steel frame allowing the cover to pop open when needed. When not in use, the CleanShield folds up to a fraction of its size for storage in the cabin or trunk measuring 17 inches across and weighing just 2.5 pounds.
• Year-Round Vehicle Protection. In the winter, the CleanShield’s heat reflective backing uses the warmth from your engine to dry any moisture on the wipers. Flip the cover over for summer and that heat reflective backing will bounce the sun’s rays keeping your vehicle nice and cool.
• Stays Secure. The CleanShield is secured using custom made locking suction cups that attach directly to the glass and will stay on your vehicle even in 100 km/h winds. You can access all doors without disturbing the cover and comes with an optional use anti-theft strap to ensure no one steals it.

It is often said that the materials make the product, and that is exactly the case here. Made of ultra-durable rip-stop polyester, the CleanShield can easily handle any amount of frost, ice and snow that Mother Nature can throw at it. The frame is made from high tensile spring steel and housed in high density polyethylene tubing to ensure your vehicle’s paint remains untouched. For businesses, you can add your name and logo and have your employees or customers advertise for you when parked outdoors.

The CleanShield launches on KickStarter March 7, 2019. The price is only $49 CAD per cover and $98 CAD for double packs. It is available in multiple sizes to fit any vehicle make, model and type. For more information, please visit the CleanShield KickStarter page (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/h2oinnovate/cleanshield).

About H2O Innovate:
H2O Innovate is a Canadian brand dedicated to creating innovative products to help simplify your life! All product inspiration is derived from improving the way we do things in our daily life to save you time and money. The CleanShield is our first product and we guarantee it’s the only cover you’ll ever need.

Media contact: leland.yip@h2oinnovate.com (Leland Yip; Co-Founder)