Gurnick Academy Tablet Giveaway

Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts marked global *Giving Tuesday `21 by giving to those closest to home. On Tuesday, Nov. 30, the institution awarded Microsoft Surface tablets to more than 127 deserving students institution-wide. Recognizing the impact of COVID-19 and a shift toward distance education, Gurnick Academy acknowledged the situations many students face finding the resources to continue their education.
Students and faculty from each of the school’s campuses were afforded the privilege to nominate one student facing financial hardships or other obstacles affording the technology to continue their online coursework. Nominators submitted students’ names accompanied by statements for why students deserved to receive a tablet.
In all, there were more than 278 nominations with 127 names. The Corporate Office announced the lucky recipients on Tuesday, Nov. 30, and the tablets were distributed over the next several days by staff at their respective campuses.
“We didn’t think that it would turn out to be such a success,” said Zara J. Gourji, Gurnick Academy’s Chief Process Officer of the initiative. “Gurnick’s favorite season has always been winter, and in this spirit of the holidays, we wanted to help our students with something that’s both practical and useful for learning,” continued Gourji. “When we received the nominations, we were thrilled and excited that many students would benefit tremendously from this event.”
“We are always looking for unique ways to support our students while at the same time recognizing those who are excellent contributors inside our school as well as thoughtful ambassadors for Gurnick in the healthcare community,” said Burke Malin, Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts’ Chief Operating Officer.
“Gurnick Academy believes in giving back to the communities it serves,” said Danielle Palengat, the organizer for the effort and the Academy’s Corporate Registrar and Student Services Manager. “Our students are the heart of our community, and we want to ensure they’re always set up for success.”
There were multiple deserving nominees, and many worthy individuals rose to the top. Andrea Frias, RN-BSN student from the Concord campus, was repeatedly mentioned as a candidate. One commented, “I have worked with Andrea for several years now, and I am confident she is going to be an amazing nurse. I have watched her manage work and home life while studying incredibly hard to learn everything she can. Andrea gives so much of herself to her friends and family, and she deserves to get something for herself.”
*Giving Tuesday is a “global generosity movement.” 
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Gurnick Academy is a private, post-secondary school offering quality allied-health and nursing programs on campuses within California.
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Source: Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts