Gummi World Raises Nutraceutical Standards With ‘Diamond Team’

Gummi World, a white-label gummi vitamin and supplement manufacturer, has completed its “Diamond Team” to establish unprecedented quality standards in the nutraceutical space.
Most manufacturers in the industry purchase and sell products they sourced elsewhere and are unable to offer custom formulations for their partners. At Gummi World, an executive pastry chef, medical doctor, pharmacist, food scientist, food chemist, and quality assurance specialist, work throughout the entire process: in-house.
This rare combination of talent is what sets Gummi World apart and gives the Diamond Team its name as they have the ability to take any unique idea and make it into a reality.
“Each member of our Diamond Team was hand-picked based off their decades of industry experience which they bring to the table to create a unique product for each of our clients—the likes of which has never been seen before in the nutraceutical marketplace,” said Alexander Candelario, president and CEO of Gummi World.
Diamond Team Members:
Focusing on nutritional value, texture, taste, and the highest quality standards in the industry, the Gummi World Diamond Team is setting a new benchmark for what is considered a high-caliber gummi dietary supplement.
Source: Gummi World