GugeeData: The #1 Social Media Analytics Tools Releases Instagram Influencer Analytics Feature

GugeeData, as a pro social media influencer analytics tool specialized on TikTok and Instagram influencer analytics, designed to optimize marketers’ influencer marketing strategies. GugeeData has newly released a feature of Instagram influencer which help marketers locate the right influencers to collaborate instantly.
Find the Right Influencers
The powerful search engine of the Instagram user search function provides 18+ search filters, that the marketer can search influencers based on the region, follower size, account performance, as well as the audience demographics. Narrowing down the influencers range by precisely locating its account information, this way to instantly find potential collaborators.
Get to Know the Influencer’s Insight
Once the marketers locate a list of potential collaborators, the Instagram analytics report provides detailed figures of the influencers in the perspectives of account overview performance, quality audience, audience demographics, audience interest distribution as well as the advertising performance of the account. The influencer report detects the fake followers of the influencers and excludes all artificial figures to ensure the influencers selected are the best performed.
Understand the Instagram Trends
There are three Instagram leaderboards available on GugeeData: Comprehensive Influential ranking, Follower Growth ranking and Commercial Partner ranking (more is coming). The leaderboards straightforwardly show the marketer the top influencers therefore understand the trends.
GugeeData is always looking for diversified ways to eliminate influencer’s artificial data to ensure marketers get the real data to form their campaign. By using their platform, marketers can achieve the maximized efficiency on influencer marketing.
Source: GugeeData