GTN Technical Staffing Plans to Expand Operations Into More Regions Globally

GTN Technical Staffing is an Information Technology recruitment and staffing company based in Dallas, TX and Tempe, AZ near Phoenix. Its footprint in the IT recruitment sector encompasses talent acquisition and staffing of technical staff for different companies globally. GTN offers scalable solutions concerning technical staffing and employs a dedicated recruitment process.
The company’s leading solutions include staff augmentation and direction hire placement for companies surging in the Fortune 2000 list. The companies in its portfolio are thriving names in cybersecurity, payroll management, field services, professional services, and digital. GTN
boasts a complete team of recruitment experts who are trained and certified professionals. They have endured professional training in boot camps, seminars, and outreaching programs aimed at their professional development.
The company brings 21 years of experience in the IT staffing and recruitment sector. Many of their customers have leveraged GTN’s recruitment services to embrace dynamic markets. Organizations entering new markets or embracing changing trends must capitalize on human capital – the expert personnel to bring their input of knowledge, skills, and necessary experience.
Each organization’s success primarily depends on its products and services. Innovation, excellence, and consistency are certain factors which are sacred to successful business operations and quarterly profits. There is a growing need for technical staff in the respective markets of cybersecurity, payroll management, field services, professional services, and digital. This is where GTN steps in with its specialized services and a commitment to integrity, innovation, strategy, and speed. The company holds these values sacred to its operations and are the fundamental frontiers paving the way for its success.
The company’s recruiters have all completed the most demanding professional training from our program manager. GTN also has a dedicated Innovation Lab focused on creating better sourcing and procuring talent for our branches to bring the newest, most successful solutions to our customers. They invest in the latest resources to get the edge over other recruiters in seeking the best talent.
Investing in and developing a detail-oriented but fast-moving recruitment team is how they succeed with existing clients and prospects. GTN is one of the few staffing agencies in Dallas and Phoenix that has a professional technical team trained in the technology they recruit (i.e. applications, networking, programming, .Net, etc.). GTN is able to scale up as needed using technology and suggested process improvements in order to service its clients efficiently and effectively.
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