Growing Need for Competent, Qualified Project Managers in the Digital Era

With the Covid-19 pandemic still raging on in many countries, Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) has to embrace a new normal, especially in preparation for a post-Covid-19 era. The level of remote work in technology, telecommunications, even in the industries of manufacturing and patient care may be partially or fully remote. In this current economy, companies undergo digital transformation to accelerate their business. Trade is no longer the sole determinant in a nation’s success, instead, technology is a more accurate measure of how advanced a country is.
Many countries in Asia are striving to introduce digital transformation in their country over the past five years, thus solidifying their effort for a digital economy and a digital society. In this climate, there have been a wave of tech startups, as well as tech projects from multi-national companies. With these developments in the tech scene, the demand for tech experts and skilled personnel will increase. In a post-pandemic world, the demand is expected to increase, even more, thus making this the best time to equip yourselves with the necessary skillsets to excel in a digital economy.
The MDIS’ School of Engineering and Technology offers the MSc Project Management in Singapore in partnership with the University of Sunderland, the UK in April 2021. This programme aims to educate project professionals to conceptualise, plan, develop, implement and deliver successful projects and students undertaking this programme will be able to broaden the knowledge and ability in relevant management skills, principles and procedures.
The School also offers new programmes including the MSc Cybersecurity, BSc (Hons) Cybersecurity and Networks, as well as Information Technology in partnership with Teesside University. These programmes aim to produce graduates with a critical understanding of information governance and assurance, combined with technology risk management practices. Students will learn how to explore the threat landscape and develop countermeasures for cybersecurity attacks. Students also study security for the Internet of Things (IoT) and the security concepts and technologies used in mobile devices.
For the inaugural intake of the MSc Project Management, MDIS is offering a study grant of up to S$4,000 to the first 5 applicants who enroll in the September 2021 intake. As for the MSc Cybersecurity, a study grant of up to S$4000 will be extended to the first 5 applicants for the May 2021 intake.
Dean of Schools in MDIS, Dr Tham Yieng Wei, shares that project management and cybersecurity skills are essential to prepare us to face future challenges in working remotely during the pandemic. The project management programme will enhance individual skills in managing projects effectively and efficiently while the Cybersecurity Programmes will protect you or your organisation from any cyber threats.
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Source: Management Development Institute of Singapore