Group of California Democrats Select Replacement in Recall Election vs Gavin Newsom

In a recent article by NBC titled, “In California’s recall, Democrats would rather not have a backup plan,” Alex Seitz-Wald explained that Democrats have no backup option on the ballot this fall and prefer not having an alternate to Newsom. However, a group of Democrats in Southern California have recently backed a new democratic candidate for Governor: Meet Kevin Paffrath, who announced his bid for governor on May 17 and has been featured in Fox News, KFI 640, Fox Business, AM 600, The Daily Caller, The Daily Mail, Kennedy Saves America, KUSI, Fox40, KTLA, and Inside California Politics within a week of announcing his candidacy. He has also raised substantial donations from over 1700 donors with a significantly higher-than-normal, per-person donation.
California Democrats are seeking a real leader who can fix the State’s tangible issues. This recall election is not a Republican recall, it is a referendum on Gavin Newsom’s poor performance. Paffrath will declare 4 State of Emergencies on his first day in office:
Meet Kevin Paffrath has a 20-part plan to fix California, including:
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Source: Meet Kevin Paffrath For Governor