Groundbreaking Resource for Survivors of Abuse & Trauma

Promoting Awareness | Victim Empowerment has teamed up with celebrity talent, advocates, and over 1,200 local agency partners across the country to launch a groundbreaking new resource for survivors of trauma and abuse called
This new platform was designed to help survivors of PTSD, human trafficking, sexual violence, domestic violence, and/or childhood abuse thrive after trauma by connecting them to a nationwide network of more than 1,300 local organizations and provide survivors with free holistic healing workshops and resources.
PAVE Founder Angela Rose said, “The past two years have been an extraordinarily difficult time for survivors of domestic abuse, sexual assault and human trafficking. We are proud to launch a powerful resource to help survivors thrive after trauma.” PAVE supported Andrea Constand and the other survivors during the two Cosby trials.
Actor and former NFL player Terry Crews recently said, “PAVE is truly paving the way for a new future and paving the way for so many survivors to be free.” In 2018, Terry Crews spoke out about his own experience with sexual assault during an emotional testimony at the United States Senate.
Golden Globe award-winning actress Jennifer Beals said, “To turn to someone in your moment of need takes courage, to be there for someone in need takes empathy. Both actions come from the heart. The heart is the most magical part of our being, it has both the ability to heal ourselves and others.”
This inspirational event aims to unite all survivors and commemorates PAVE’s 20th anniversary. Since the inception of PAVE, Rose and her organization have helped countless survivors navigate trauma while leading the national movement in shattering the silence of sexual violence with education, advocacy and support for survivors.
Rose founded PAVE after she was kidnapped from Woodfield Mall in July of 1996 by a repeat sex offender who was on parole for murder. From this tragic story emerged one of the nation’s leading activists in the movement to prevent assault and help survivors heal. In Washington D.C., Rose cultivated PAVE into a respected national nonprofit, contributing to the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault and supporting the launch of the Bi-Partisan Task Force to End Sexual Violence in Congress. She has been an invited speaker across the country on military bases, corporations, college campuses including the University of Oxford in England.
PAVE’s is sponsored in part by Color Street, a creative beauty brand that believes in supporting and empowering a person’s spirit & individuality. Corporations, organizations or individuals looking to make a difference in the lives of survivors of trauma are encouraged to consider sponsorship opportunities with PAVE.
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Source: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment (PAVE)