Grace Pettis Releases New Video for ‘Landon’, the Fourth Track on Her Working Woman Album

MPress Records has just released award-winning singer/songwriter Grace Pettis’ new companion video for “Landon”, the fourth track from her current album, Working Woman. The song features guest artists Indigo Girls, and the video debuted in Rolling Stone Country. The video was just featured on, and is also airing on Ditty TV.
“Landon” is a deeply personal, true-story song written as an unabashed apology from the artist to her gay best friend (Landon Beatty) for not being there when he came out right after high school. Growing up in a small town in Alabama, Pettis grew up in a homogenous community steeped in a traditional Christian faith. Deconstructing bias with each masterfully poetic lyric, Pettis puts her own youthful, “traditional” values under the microscope, and the result is a transcendently beautiful testament to the power of change, forgiveness, and the inner strength that comes from standing firm in who you are.
Pettis hopes that the song can help others who may have experienced similar situations, sharing, “Landon and I are close again now, thanks in part to the song. And we both love that it sheds a little light in the world for the next generation of gay kids growing up in the South, and for their best friends and families and all the people that love them. We hope it makes things just a little bit easier and clearer the next time around.”
The stunning video with a mixture of live performances and animation was filmed in Los Angeles. Directed by Ben Jehoshua, produced by Brian Graden Media, and edited/animated by Evan Monheit, it also features Landon Beatty (whom the song is about), who acted in and additionally choreographed the video.
Tour Dates (more additions to come):
8/23 – Lexington, KY – Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour
8/24 – Ann Arbor, MI – The Ark
8/27 – Traverse City, MI – Traverse City House Concert (w/Rachael Kilgour)
8/28 – Spring Lake, MI – Seven Steps Up (w/Rachael Kilgour)
8/31 – Arlington Heights, IL – Hey Nonny Club (w/Rachael Kilgour)
9/2 – Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue and 7th Street Entry (w/Rachael Kilgour)
9/3 – Madison, WI – The Bur Oak (w/Rachael Kilgour)
9/4 – Cedar Rapids, IA – Dawn’s House Party (w/Rachael Kilgour)
9/5 – Cambridge, IL – Ca d’zan House (w/Rachael Kilgour)
9/10 – New Haven, CT – Never Ending Books (w/Rachael Sage/Poetica)
9/12 – Somerville, MA – The Burren (w/Rachael Sage/Poetica)
9/23 – Nashville, TN – Americanafest Lone Star Shindig @ Bobby Hotel Rooftop Lounge
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Jill Richmond-Johnson | | 212-481-7243
Source: MPress Records