GoodFirms recognizes ManageTeamz as an efficient delivery management software

The product allows numerous clients and digitally existing businesses to operate their logistics and transitional operations with complete checks and balance.

W2S Solutions is a rapidly growing website and Mobile App Development Company that caters to all large scale requirements from clients like HP, NIOT, Pon Pure Logistics, and Naira International group. The GPS location-based service app leader has won the trust of over a hundred businesses around the globe in a matter of short time.

Good films are one of the leading software review and information platform that is enlisting application software from different industries and extreme niches. They are required to help businesses operate in the digital era. The company presently has over 200,000 software enlisted and is executing operations in a full swing converging their efforts of research and analytics into insightful information.

**Thursday-March 29, 2019** ManageTeamz has undoubtedly created a buzz among GPS location-based service mobile apps in recent times. GoodFirms has conducted an in-depth analysis of all contemporary location-based mobile apps. We are proud to share that ManageTeams has turned out victorious as the No. 1 location-based service mobile app for new-age start-ups and small businesses.

ManageTeamz has also won several accolades as testimonials and high credibility with trust among the present customer base. It is a fully customizable location-based service for fleet businesses, delivery operations, and transcendental logistic operations. This mobile app is finding its primary reason for success in the present day secure cloud-hosted architecture, due to a comprehensive set of features and functionalities that are helping all the businesses. It includes web admin access and complete supervised control over proof of delivery.

GoodFirms has found itself motivated to rank managed teams as the number one location-based service app. It is mainly because of its high quantum of customer target with very reliable iPhone and Android apps that cater to end-to-end requirements, for critical productivity challenges found in every business. Moreover, the result of the analytical review by GoodFirms is comprehensively backed by daunting numbers. Managed teams have successfully tracked 1250 delivery agents who have done over 36,000 deliveries in a brief period.

ManageTeamz has had its considerable, fair share of fame and acknowledgment in the industry. Companies have loved it as it allows them to efficiently track their employs and geographically scattered sales team with performance and complete operations.

ManageTeamz is a real trendsetter in GPS location-based service mobile apps and is expected to lead the way with new functionalities and regular updates. They help businesses function more efficiently and cost-effectively. This sets a vigilant eye on the parent company, W2S Solutions as technology leaders and suggest to wait for the next level of innovation and rational precision, which allows them to look for the next best product in the market.