Good Vibrations Family Chiropractic focuses on More Than Just Physical

Since 2005, Good Vibrations Family Chiropractic has taken compassionate care of generations of families at his Kensington office with a focus on helping families feel whole. A family business with his wife, Dr. Stacey, and mother working alongside him, Dr. Joe Merlo practices chiropractic care with a diverse team that adjusts the spine and transforms the soul.
From mothers healing after birth, to pediatric support, sports injuries and senior care, this team has got more than just your back when it comes to discovering optimal health. Growing up, Dr. Merlo enjoyed helping others and found his calling in chiropractic care while attending college.
“When I took my first anatomy class I fell absolutely in love with it all,” he said. Unsure of his career path, he began his search for a way to combine his love of people with the study of the human body.
“Chiropractic care made the most sense to me because it’s holistic, noninvasive and you can help the whole family,” Dr. Merlo said. “It’s such a beautiful way to care for people. The deeper I got into it the more it made sense for me to pursue.”
Chiropractic care is a lifestyle. It goes beyond the body with the ability to enhance the mind and soul. “When we feel better, we experience the most potential from our relationships and ultimately our life,” he said. “We are healthier, stronger and more vibrant.”
The team at Good Vibrations Family Chiropractic believes that once people realize the importance of making their health a priority they can live their best lives. “We tailor each visit to the individual and work on goal-setting with patients to get them happy and healthy.”
Dr. Merlo and his dynamic team are committed to healing others currently out of their immediate community.
“I don’t want people to feel alone in this world because they’re suffering in silence from pain and disease,” he said, adding he can relate to many of his patients. “Without understanding that anguish, I wouldn’t be able to help people walk from the darkness into the light. I want to bridge the gap to not only nurture their body through chiropractic adjustments but also nourish their mind and spirit.”
Dr. Merlo’s practice represents a movement to help reconnect people to who they are. “Sometimes there’s an illusion that they’re disconnected from love, life and possibility,” he said. “People get stuck in the past, but what creates our present is who we want to become in the future.”
Using compassionate chiropractic Dr. Merlo helps patients shift their mental and emotional awareness. “We deliver an extraordinary chiropractic experience by creating an oasis that helps people feel loved and nurtured,” he said. “That adjustment is the catalyst to the transformation that makes both our souls happy.”
For more information on family-based chiropractic care and commitment, call 619-281-1234.
Source: Good Vibrations Family Chiropractic