Golf Legend Gary Player to Support PGA Tour Vault

Vault Media Group, Inc. (VMG) announced today that nine-time Major Champion, World Golf Hall of Fame member and golf icon, Gary Player has agreed to support its PGA TOUR Vault project, a larger-than-life book and digital experience that celebrates the greatness of the PGA TOUR. PGA TOUR Vault highlights the history, courses and players who have built the PGA TOUR. VMG is the producer of PGA TOUR Vault under an exclusive licensing agreement with the PGA TOUR.
Player is the first of up to 40 players and influencers of the game who will sign a limited edition of 450 Signature Marquees of this once-in-a-lifetime publication.
Proceeds of sales will benefit First Tee and player-selected charities around the globe, including the Gary and Vivienne Player Foundation, an organization in honor of Player’s late wife Vivienne and her deep love and concern for all children. The mission of Player’s Foundation is to help ensure that vulnerable and underprivileged children have a safe and nurturing environment in which to thrive.
“I have a tremendous love for the game of golf and I’m grateful for what golf has provided me. I was a poor young man, and I am thankful that I have been able to give back throughout the years because of what I’ve been able to achieve,” said Gary Player. “Through this project, with its incredible photos and stories, the game of golf and many people will benefit. I’m thrilled that includes the children we impact through the Gary and Vivienne Player Foundation.”
VMG is a luxury media platform that brings together award-winning designers, photographers, and writers to chronicle iconic brands, historic accomplishments and elite figures through the company’s various products and experiences. The flagship luxury limited edition of the VMG media platform, the Vault Marquee, is a hand-crafted 20″ x 20″ leather-bound tome that weighs over 50lbs and is loaded with rare imagery, authentic autographs, and curated narrative. The tome will be offered to the luxury market worldwide, while smaller scale, non-signed products will be available for wider distribution.
“Gary Player is a global icon in the sport, and we celebrate announcing his support on this project,” said Mark Skelly, who is the founder and CEO of VMG. “His involvement will elevate this project and our connections to deserving charities. Vault brings the best moments in sports and entertainment to the fingertips of consumers, allowing our expertise and marketing strategies to maximize our impact across Luxury and Upscale target markets.”
“We are excited Gary Player will be a part of this book that chronicles the amazing history of the PGA TOUR, its tournament and players,” said Len Brown, PGA TOUR chief legal officer and executive vice president, licensing, and merchandising. “Vault is creating a luxury product and experience that will tell the PGA TOUR story in a unique way for our fans.”
What separates VMG from others is the majority of each project contains images and untold stories that have never been published before – from rare, archived materials, the personal collections of players and fans, along with content curated specifically for the assignment at hand. This amazing content is delivered in both print and digital formats.
Skelly added, “Our mantra is to create legacy experiences that present a celebratory journey for selected brands and icons.” Skelly, who produced and distributed content and luxury publications for Formula One, Ferrari, the National Football League and Major League Baseball in previous roles, is joined by former BookPop Media Group executive Lawrence Bracco as President and COO.
“We are building a seamless bridge between luxury physical publications and the digital world,” explained Bracco. “Our content is unique and cinematic in ways that need to be experienced to be believed, starting with the PGA TOUR Vault.”
VMG also boasts a production team that is led by David Meeks, the 2-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and former managing editor of USA TODAY Sports, who is serving as Editor-in-Chief for the PGA TOUR Vault, along with world-renowned photographer Marc Serota, as Director of Photography. VMG is also in discussions with several other major sports leagues and entertainment organizations for additional licensed projects, as well as developing a major talent brand management initiative.
Vault Media Group (VMG) is a unique media platform that creates collectible luxury publications, digital content and immersive experiences with global brands and icons from sports, entertainment and culture. VMG brings together world-class designers, photographers, and writers to chronicle iconic brands, historic accomplishments, and elite figures on the world stage. VMG “Celebrates Greatness” with the most storied franchises, brands, and champions to create and chronicle their definitive history and journey in the most majestic way.
VMG has assembled an experienced management team from the sports, media, and entertainment industries. VMG is currently in production with project celebrating the PGA TOUR and is launching in the United States this fall, with Asia and Europe launches planned for early 2022.
Media Contact:Alyson Ramsey Johnson
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Source: Vault Media Group