GOintegro launches Employee Voice, its new product to measure Employee Satisfaction

GOintegro is a platform with digital products and solutions for Communications, Recognition and Benefits focused on the Employee Experience, which currently has its solutions implemented in more than 500 companies with 100 to 100,000 employees, distributed in 13 countries in Latin America.

Recently, the company announced the launching of its newest product, named Employee Voice, which offers a pulse survey that enables organizations to measure in a very simple way how content their employees are, in order to detect eventual problems or improvement opportunities in Employees Satisfaction. Employee Voice does not require any kind of implementation and can be easily activated by the clients themselves in their corporate social network with just one click.

“Considering the COVID-19 contingency, we know that many organizations require special support to navigate this crisis. We want to contribute with our knowledge and expertise, so that our clients have the necessary tools to face all the challenges that have arisen day by day, giving their employees a voice to indicate how they are feeling”, says German Dyzenchauz, CEO & Co-founder.

The company offers the opportunity to implement a pulse survey solution, so organizations can promote a culture of empathy, collaboration and transparency. Employee Voice offers employees a confidential and friendly tool to express how they feel at the moment, simply by clicking on the face graphic that best corresponds to their current state of mind.

This is how Employee Voice works. brief, frequent and simple, GOintegro’s pulse survey solution offers real time, digestible data, allowing leaders to analyze results and trends in a timeline, to establish action plans and make decisions putting their employees at the center.

“Each employee will respond differently to the crisis, but everyone should feel valued knowing that their organization gives importance to their emotional state and that these inputs will generate concrete initiatives, which can improve different aspects of their day-to-day life and the organizational climate”, says José Guerra, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer.

About GOintegro
GOintegro is the leading platform for Employee Experience. A collaborator-focused platform to enhance Communications, Recognition and Benefits, promoting Cultural Transformation with the best digital experience.

More than 500 companies, from 100 to 100,000 employees, use GOintegro every day to make employees’ lives better.

For more information please contact:
José Guerra
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, GOintegro
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