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Blood in the Low Country (ISBN 978-1735401621, Linksland Publishing, 2020) by Paul Attaway has been nominated for the Eric Hoffer Award as the best mystery/crime fiction book of 2020. This religious mystery adventure tale is Attaway’s debut novel. This riveting book transports readers to the South of the mid twentieth century with a façade of gentility that hides bigotry, greed, violence, and deceit; along with carefully crafted characters that will captivate readers. The Eric Hoffer Award was founded to honor freethinking writers and independent books of exceptional merit. The Eric Hoffer Award honors books from small, academic, and micro presses, including self-published offerings. Nominated books are judged by independent literary panels. Award winners will be announced in May of 2021.

“I am very excited, honored, and proud that Blood in the Low Country was nominated for the Eric Hoffer Award as the best mystery/crime book of 2020,” said author, Paul Attaway. “This book was a labor of love. I strived to create for the reader a suspenseful yet enjoyable mystery that would keep them interested to the last page and wanting more.”

Blood in the Low Country takes the reader back in time. The year is 1973, and by all appearances, Monty Atkins has a wonderful life. He lives in beautiful Charleston, SC, his small law practice is growing, and he and his wife are raising two boys. Walker is their own son and Eli is a child from Rose’s first marriage, a troubled union she has been running from since its dissolution.

But brewing beneath the surface lurks a conspiracy of lies, about who they are and what they believe. When a brutal murder and a shocking betrayal turn their world upside down, Monty’s faith in God and in everything he holds true is stretched to the breaking point. He must decide if there is anything, he won’t risk to save his family. This Southern family mystery will captivate you as the hunt for the killer threatens everything Monty holds dear.

About the Author
Paul was born and raised in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Paul and his wife, Lyn, met in college at Georgetown University and were married after Paul graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law. They moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1988 where Paul embarked on a thirty-year business career before retiring so he could write fiction. Paul and Lyn raised three children together in Phoenix and now split their time between Phoenix and Charleston, South Carolina.

Blood in the Low Country is Paul Attaway’s debut novel. Writing this book, along with the move to Charleston, is a coming home of sorts, a return to the South. The history and culture of America’s South is rich, complicated, at times comical, sad, tragic, uplifting, and inspiring. Paul hopes that his novels capture even a small bit of this tapestry.