Goals Plastic Surgery Offers Revolutionary Lipo360 & BBL

Following the opening of Goals Plastic Surgery’s newest location in Atlanta, and their recent appearance on RevoltTV’s hit show, Big Facts, patients and plastic surgery fans from all across the country are talking about the Brazilian Butt Lift and how Dr. Voskin and the Goals team are able to achieve the transformations they do. Find out more about the Lipo360 & BBL – the newest breakthrough in body contouring.
As a revolutionary fat transfer procedure that may allow women (and some men) to achieve the thicker, curvier backside of their dreams, the BBL is a two-step procedure that requires the removal of fat from a donor location to then be strategically injected into the backside for enhancement. Considering this, the first step in the method requires liposuction, and the fact is, for most women, much of that unwanted fat is located around the waist and midsection. This is where the Lipo360 shines.
The Lipo360 is a procedure developed to help women achieve a thinner, trimmer midsection, removing fat from all 360-degrees of the patient’s body. Dr. Voskin and co. use a specialized method of fat removal that creates the ratios and proportions every #GoalsDoll wants!
Once the donor fat is removed, it is carefully prepped and strategically injected into specific points in order to create the desired aesthetic – that figure they’ve always wanted, with a thinner midsection, and larger, shapelier backside. The procedure has been quite popular at Goals and across social media.
You can learn more about the Lipo360 & BBL by visiting the Goals Plastic Surgery website, or contact their Atlanta office directly at (866) 424-6257.
About Goals
Goals Plastic Surgery has been around for the better part of the last decade and has grown into a leading brand in aesthetic enhancement. Offering both surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic procedures, Goals was founded by Dr. Sergey Voskin. His passion for patients, and eye for aesthetics, allowed him to grow from a small aesthetics practice in Brooklyn, NY, the most popular plastic surgery destination in New York City. Goals strives to provide every patient with the best possible aesthetic enhancement experience available. With locations in NYC, Miami and Atlanta, a team of brand ambassadors, popular influencers, and social media following of over 1-million strong, Goals is expanding its reach every day, and hoping to provide more and more patients with the safe, caring, and effective enhancement that has become synonymous with the Goals brand.
Source: Goals Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery