Go Green Fleet Solutions Introduces Nose Cone Aerodynamics To Its Lineup Of Fuel Saving Products

Go Green Fleet Solutions is an educational company that’s mission is to inform and provide the trucking industry with program to reduce emissions from fossil fuel engines, save fuel, increase profits and improve their quality of life. With the new addition of Nose Cone we can offer our clients an additional 7% of savings.

The Go Green Fleet Solutions method of choosing products is a bit different than the typical Green Company. All of the Products we recommend will pay for themselves in a very short period of time. For years there has been a huge misconception with Green Technologies that they improve the environment but yet cost a fortune such as DPFs (Diesel Particulate Filters). They can cost an owner operator in upwards of $12,000 and provide no savings for the driver at all. With our program we only recommend the most economical and reliable products on the market that achieve the goal of reducing pollution and reduce the drivers operating costs. This is a win win solution for everyone.

Nose Cone is the World Leader in Truck and Trailer Aerodynamics. Over the road or local distribution, air deflectors by Nose Cone save precious fuel. With over 150 models, designed to increase fuel efficiency for truck bodies and trailers of all sizes, air deflectors by Nose Cone are a sure thing when it comes to improving your mileage.

Nose Cone joins a list of products, most of which are Smartway Approved, that have all partnered with Go Green Fleet Solutions. Among this list are Life Force Auxiliary Power Units, Freightwing Trailer Deflectors, OPS-1 Oil Refiner Systems, HHO Tek Platinum Pre Combustion Catalysts Systems, and Pressure Pro Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems. This complete program will save the average owner operator thousands each month. The best part about the products that GGFS recommends is they pay for themselves in less than 1 year.

A standard Auxiliary Power Unit that is available on the market today costs $12,000-$15,000 our entire program costs less than this. In fact the GGFS Peak Profit Program is less than $10,000 and with our Financing partners we can provide the GGFS Peak Profit Program for no out of pocket cost to nearly any company or owner operator. The monthly payment from a typical SBA loan is less than $200 for a single truck and the GGFS Peak Profit Program will save over $1000 a month per truck.

Go Green Fleet Solutions is Proud to add Nose Cone Aerodynamics to the Peak Profit Program. With the transportation costs rising, the trucking industry bottom line has been shrinking proportionate to those rising costs and products like these being made affordable we can make a positive impact on the world we live while helping the struggling trucking industry.