GNL is hosting a free online special event tomorrow night at 10 p.m. EST. Join GNL founder Shelly Fisher from Philadelphia, who will host Sabah Tahilramani live from India for a magical half-hour. Sabah will teach the art of Yoga Nidra to put viewers into a state of deep relaxation. This 30-minute relaxation program will take people through this ancient form of conscious relaxation to heal and soothe the nervous system. Yoga Nidre uses the mind, intention, and focus to connect the body on a deeper level. Participants will set their intentions or ‘sankalpa’, which helps sow seeds of transformation in the deeper mind. Those who join can tune in from any device in a comfortable location and be guided to a night of peaceful sleep. This practice is done lying down or sitting in a chair. Suitable for all ages and abilities.
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ABOUT SABAH TAHILRAMANI: Yoga and meditation instructor Sabah Tahilramani uses an intuitive holistic approach unique to her, with a focus on personalizing diverse self-healing processes. It’s all about mastering the mind-body-spirit connection and bringing it into harmony. Sabah has an educational background in psychology and ancient history. She is currently the founder of “The Self-Mastery Initiative”.
Source: Girls Nite Live