Global Palladium Fund Sees Strong Market Outlook for Metals in 2022

According to the new research among the European institutional investors, markets will remain keen on metal commodities, especially those playing a significant role in the transition towards the green economy. In that segment, investors will be watching for opportunities to get more exposure to commodities with documented low carbon footprint and traceable ESG compliance. 
“It is quite natural for asset managers to look for every opportunity to facilitate what the markets will be asking for in the foreseeable future. We are quite proud to carry Nornickel metals that meet or exceed the key characteristics and qualities at play: strong provenance record and lowest percentile group in terms of emissions among the metal mining companies in the world.” – commented Alex Stoyanov, Global Palladium Fund CEO.
To date, GPF has seen particularly strong flows into its unique Physical Copper, Physical Nickel, and Physical Carbon Neutral Nickel exchange-traded commodities (ETC), as well as its Physical Gold ETC – which is Europe’s cheapest with a 0.12% management fee. Physical Copper ETC which, like its Nickel products, are the only physically-backed ETCs for both metals available to investors on the key exchanges in Europe, including London and Frankfurt. Recently, GPF has marked $100M in assets under management due to the growing demand. “Allocations have grown as investors increasingly value a hard-asset approach to investing in metals, with these ETCs offering better tracking and lower total cost of ownership compared to synthetic alternatives.” – explained Alex Stoyanov. 
The institutional-only Carbon Neutral Nickel ETC has also proved very popular. Launched earlier this year in Vienna, the product is backed by metal mined using majority renewable energy to achieve a neutral carbon footprint.
Global Palladium Fund
The Global Palladium Fund was created to make the world’s precious, base and rare-earth metals accessible to everyone and to advance the development of world-changing technologies in essential areas such as aerospace, electronics, and the automotive. GPF is proud to be supported by Nornickel, the world’s largest and cleanest miner, headed by Vladimir Potanin.
Its ESG-compliant products are in high demand across the globe and are critical for net-zero transformation. Nornickel has operations in the Russian Far North, Finland, and South Africa.  MMC Norilsk Nickel shares are listed on the Moscow and Saint-Petersburg Stock Exchanges, ADRs are traded over the counter in the US, and on the London, Berlin, and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges. GPF ETC’s are listed on LSE, Xetra, Borsa Italiana, SIX, and Vienna stock exchanges.
Media contact: Maria Dzenisa
Source: Global Palladium Fund