Global News Perspectives Announces a New Aggregated Internet News Service

Global News Perspectives, a news aggregation website, is pleased to announce a new internet news service which provides links to major news sources from around the world on key current issues covered by the Press.
Global News Perspectives is announcing a new website to keep readers informed about key issues covered by major news outlets. “We link to information, not sensation,” according to Michael Bender, Contributing Editor of Global News Perspectives. “Our goal is to provide links to as many news sources as possible, to allow readers the opportunity to consider points of view and facts, not otherwise easily available in one place. The service is free to users and will include monitored blogs to prevent misuse,” Michael continued. He added, “There will be a low-cost premium version available that will offer more extensive research links to users seeking additional sources worldwide.”
Links to news outlets for stories will be added weekly to ensure unbiased coverage of key issues. There is absolutely no filtering of sources by country, political affiliation or other potential biases. 
“Our slogan is, We provide, You Decide,” said Michael Bender. “Often, people become frustrated by other aggregation sites,” Bender said, “because people are led to biased or irrelevant sources.” Global News Perspectives’ limitations are only bandwidth and time. Providing user input in the future will improve coverage of stories from around the world for people who care about their communities and the world around them.
Our new website is located at
Source: Global News Perspectives