Global Entrepreneurship Award Presented to Dr. Cynthia Drakeman by the International Alliance for Women

Dr. Cynthia Drakeman received a 2021 World of Difference Award from The International Alliance for Women (TIAW) at a virtual awards ceremony on Friday, November 18, announced Victrix Ventures today. The global award recognized Dr. Drakeman, Victrix Ventures’ Founding CEO, for her contributions to Entrepreneurship and Women’s Economic Empowerment. The 20 World of Difference Awards were presented to “extraordinary individuals” from 10 countries on five different continents “whose efforts have advanced the economic empowerment of women locally, regionally, or worldwide.”
“I’m honored to be recognized by The International Alliance for Women, and commend the important work they do bringing attention to women’s economic advancement around the world. Women’s entrepreneurship is an engine that can power our communities, and help us create the sustainable economies of the future. I am excited to be part of that effort,” said Dr. Drakeman.
Dr. Cynthia L. Drakeman is a global expert on women’s economic empowerment with particular expertise in gender-smart investing, evidence-based policy development, private sector best practices, women’s market access, and women’s entrepreneurship. The lead author of the 2017 U.N. Report on Women’s Economic Empowerment, Dr. Drakeman has worked closely with heads of state, senior government ministers, diplomats, corporate executives, investors, academics, think tanks, and women entrepreneurs along with numerous NGOs and multilateral institutions.
Dr. Drakeman is the Founding CEO of Victrix Ventures, a company dedicated to women’s economic advancement, and was previously the founding CEO of DoubleXEconomy, LLC, a research and consulting firm committed exclusively to women’s economic empowerment. She also serves as a Delegate and former Co-Chair of the United States Delegation to the Women20 (an official engagement group of the G20), and has served as a board member of Solar Sister, a non-profit organization committed to bringing clean energy to Africa through women’s entrepreneurship. She has an AB from Princeton University, and a DPhil from the University of Oxford.
Contact Information:
Dr. Cynthia Drakeman, CEO, Victrix Ventures, +1 (609) 865 3166,
Donna Meredith, President, The International Alliance of Women, +61 416014904,
Source: Victrix Ventures