Encouraging Better Insurance Quotes for Shoppers—and Meaningful Connections for Agents

Startup insurance tech company is generating more interest and more traffic than ever through its tailored insurance shopping tool. offers insurance shoppers informed access to better quotes, while at the same time connecting insurance professionals with better-qualified sales leads, with a higher likelihood of buying insurance.
For the Consumer offers consumer-centric lead gen, meaning a better opportunity to connect meaningfully with a more informed consumer. It’s the quality, as well as quantity, that is being driven by Get-A-Quote’s simple yet innovative system. New users are guided through a quiz that highlights their needs. Far from being overly complicated, the quiz was designed to speak the language of the consumer, while also being useful enough to qualify the lead, ensuring that contacts coming through are the right level of engaged, with a higher likelihood that they are motivated and ready to pull the trigger on their perfect insurance policy.
People Power
While is a tech-driven solution for insurance shoppers, at the same time, human connection plays a key role in delivering the unique experience to the consumer: it’s not a replacement for brokers, but rather a consumer-driven tool that speeds and improves the connection with the customer from the very beginning. offers earlier access to the customer’s decision-making process, and a more meaningful connection for both consumer and agent. also accentuates the expertise of the insurance professional, allowing them to let their regional and industry-centered knowledge shine for the benefit of the insurance shopper. The tech-forward tool is leveraging people power for the good of the industry.
Founder Marcio Pepe explains that this type of human-centered connection is a central part of the Get-A-Quote mission: “Our system is generating incredible interest because there is a great demand in the industry for tools just like a better way to connect with insurance shoppers.”
The Future of Insurance is moving fast. Currently focusing on reaching insurance shoppers for car insurance and home owner’s insurance policies, the same principle will apply as expands into other insurance offerings, like life insurance, renter’s insurance, motorcycle insurance, and more. Agencies that specialize in offering a broad range of policies stand to benefit from Get-A-Quote’s forward-thinking insurance shopping toolkit.
Leveraging consumer-centric technologies and education resources, connects insurance shoppers to better options, enabling them to get custom quotes and recommendations in less time, thanks to a powerful web-based resource that streamlines insurance decisions and maximizes connection. continues to innovate, with the vision of being the best place online to get an insurance quote.
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