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How does Ro2.Biz Work? How to build up a monthly income? Ro2.Biz is the ONLY website created as a Full Time Job! All payments are issued on a NET 30 basis according to the amount of credits in your account. Minimum amount to cashout: The equivalent of the Ro2.Biz Credits in US Dollars Ro2.Biz shares 80% of it’s website revenue to the users as payments. Each percent point is worth 1 Credit when the payment deadline is achieved. We will give an example to explain how it works in a real situation. Last month’s Company Revenue was $5000.00 USD There were a total of 3500 Credits including percent points in circulation. You have 50 credits in your account and 20 Percent Points Therefore: ( (5000 * 80%) / 3500 ) * ( 50 + 20 ) = Your revenue calculated in US Dollars ( $80.00 USD ) What does the above equation mean? The total revenue of the users is $4000.00 We now calculate the value of 1 credit by splitting the total users’ revenue to how much credits were earned: $4000.00 / 3500 = 1.14$ per 1 credit You earned 50 credits last month and you have 20 percent points (which are lifetime) therefore your revenue is $1.14(The value of 1 credit) Multiplied by 70 = $80.00 As a monthly income Advantages of the current system: – More money Down parts: – More time required until you receive your payment. Overall: Users benefit more from Ro2.Biz even if the timeframe is longer! 1. Get paid to Chat. Each 500 written lines will reward you with 1 Credit 2. Get paid to Promote. Each 100 Visits

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