Get Help for Tech Devices With the App That’s Reimagining Tech Support

TecMe Inc. announced the launch of its one-of-a-kind app designed to deliver tailor-made tech support to customers “with the touch of a finger.” The new app connects customers with professional technicians who can target their specific needs and provide affordable solutions.
Co-founder Colten Smith said he saw the need for the app first-hand. “I noticed that many friends and family had nagging IT issues because they couldn’t find a good, affordable technician. They would live with a poor Wi-Fi connection, slow PC, or cracked screen. Now they can easily book technicians for under $40 to fix these types of issues, and still find high-end technicians, all on the same app.”
TecMe is a personalized approach to tech support. Customers can choose from a curated list of technicians to fix a range of issues for laptops, PCs, Smart TVs, phones, tablets, routers, etc. The company says its focus is on accurately matching customers and technicians while creating an elegant user experience that makes tech support accessible for anyone.
In addition, the app provides built-in chat and video conferencing with customers and the ability to remotely access devices for support. By integrating these tools, technicians can deliver a superior experience, a major component to growing their own tech businesses.
“I’m excited about working with a company that provides the tools I need to be successful, connecting me with customers that match my skill set, and let me set competitive rates,” said Jimmy True, a technician with decades of experience. “For some customers, I can do a simple job like fixing a Zoom problem, and for others, like medical practices, I can provide HIPAA-compliant services. TecMe’s approach is a breath of fresh air.” 
A freelance technician based out of Los Angeles, Leilani Hyman states, “A customer has to be matched with a technician qualified to fix their problem. Many platforms I’ve worked with failed to do this well. TecMe’s process matches my skills with the right customers and takes care of many details like scheduling and payments.”
TecMe offers a full-range of prices and skill sets from basic support to complex services like HIPAA compliance or cybersecurity. Technicians remotely support customers in all 50 states with on-site availability in St. Louis, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, expanding to 30 cities in the next six months.
About TecMe 
TecMe connects homes and small businesses with technicians who can affordably solve their tech problems. 
TecMe is funded by the BeginHere Accelerator at, using the SafeT platform for security and scalability. Co-founder, Gerald Caussade, has multiple successful exits including a market-leading BI tool, ClearAccess, in 1994 and advanced AI technology to Microsoft in 2000. Colten Smith, co-founder and CEO, is an entrepreneur focused on gig-economy applications.
Source: TecMe, Inc.