Gessie Belizaire Announces Virtual Book Launch Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic In celebration of our ability as humans to adapt.

Gessie Belizaire announced today that she will be launching her second book, a children’s book, virtually via Instagram Live on May 22, 2020. She knew that the six-year project she picked up and later put back down many times had finally succumbed its due date. The time was now to release, How I Learned to Grow, a sweet children’s story about a baby’s developmental growth as it relates to mobility and speech. When millions of people around the world are being mandated to follow national and state orders to stay at home; Belizaire chose while following the order to make the most of the circumstance by birthing her long overdue children’s book.

“I wanted to contribute something to the world outside of the present fear that many are feeling with this family friendly book about growth. It is my hope that the lesson goes beyond the words to teach you something important across generations, which is that our purpose in life is to grow,” Belizaire noted.

Gessie Belizaire’s virtual Book Launch is slated to occur on Instagram Live on May 22, 2020 at 7:30 PM EST @thislifeiliveintruth. There is an Eventbrite for the free event where donations are being collected to help support the gift purchase of the author’s paperback book for young children in need. If interested please click on the link here