Gerald E. Collins’ New Book ‘Passion, Power, and Peace’ Paints a Complex World Bathed in Powers, Romances, Conquests, and Peculiarities

Fulton Books author Gerald E. Collins, a community activist, entrepreneur, banker, teacher, and spiritual counselor, has completed his most recent book “Passion, Power, and Peace”: a gripping narrative about a woman whose beliefs drove her to perform things unexplainable to the human eye. Deemed as an antihero, Kaori grew up with a vision of another world and this fueled her journey of conquests and encounters.
Gerald writes, “Spiritual psychology teaches that each lives in a world of individual and collective ideas that create the conditions of life. These conditions are a composite of these thoughts and beliefs. The main character of this story has beliefs that cause her to create what some might call magic. In her view, her fantasies that take form are simply a result of her faith and conviction.
In this tale, two military powers bring their interest in conquest to an area around a small village. This village has no military, but is prosperous, peaceful, and happy. The woman who leads the village is often referred to as a sorceress, a priestess, or a queen. She has no such ideas about herself. Her legend started when, after a mystical miracle, she was appointed as head of her village council.
This woman of the peace named Kaori, has been trained since childhood to believe in another world. This other world allows Kaori to perform the miraculous and lead her people, including her husband, who could be labeled a murderer, through a difficult period in their village.
Critical to a reader’s understanding of the story is not to label Kaori as a superhero. Her personal work is emphasized in the story to illustrate that anyone can gain these capabilities. Other members of the Hayshua Village demonstrate unusual abilities as well. Also of note is the graciousness of the miraculous in the writing. No one commands a miracle. They just happen because of the devotion and availability of the character. Readers may also find it unbelievable how Hayshua deals with calamity, such as a murder in the village. As the story unfolds, these incidents later make sense. Could a larger society really work this way? Is vengeance purposeful?
Four romances advance amid the chaos. Often there is not only struggle but also advancement nevertheless. Animals, plants, and even nature herself become part of the seemingly complex web of this story.
The boundless nature of both individuals and relationships come forth and advance, affected by the simple and seemingly meek. This writing contains a little romance, a little violence, a few miracles, and plenty of passion. And just when things seem to have slowed down, an old question is answered with pain and promise. Now Kaori must carefully deal with this matter.
This magical story of conquest and peace amid chaos is also a love story—something that teaches, entertains, and frightens and something to be enjoyed. Does love do all this?”
Published by Fulton Books, Gerald E. Collins’ book is a riveting fiction that ultimately defines grace from a life of complexities and mysteries. Kaori’s journey was nowhere near normal, and this lack of normalcy entails a series of extraordinary situations wherein readers will find an intricately told life of beauty and chaos.
Readers who wish to experience this brilliant work can purchase “Passion, Power, and Peace” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books