Georgia Roadside Tow Companies Lack Training, Accountability and Fail to Meet Legal Requirements According to a Recent Insurance Risk Assessment on Georgia’s Towing Industry

ATLANTA, February 16, 2021 (Newswire) – Georgia Roadside Tow Companies lack training, accountability and fail to meet legal requirements according to a recent Insurance Risk Assessment on Georgia’s towing industry by Insurance Risk Services of Georgia (IRSG). They found 87% of Atlanta area Tow Companies fail to meet legal requirements to operate that perform roadside assistance for automotive manufacturers and insurance companies. They are failing to obtain business licenses, annual USDOT safety inspections, medical-cards, and training. The main cause for this failure is Georgia’s lack of oversight on the Roadside Assistance Towing Industry and the ignorance of the Tow Company owners, who fail to charge appropriate rates from Roadside Assistance Companies that serve Automobile Manufacturers, Insurance Companies and Automotive Garages.
Most Towing Companies have their drivers go out to perform service without providing any formal training to the tow operator for the various situations they will experience or educate them with the legal responsibility they are charged with under the law. Tow Operators are damaging motorist vehicles while performing Roadside Assistance without meeting Georgia legal requirements for Towing. Placing the public in danger and giving cause to insurance adjusters to deny Insurance Claims.
The highest rate of illegal roadside activities occurs in the highly populated 4-county Metro-Atlanta area. Tow Companies come from outside the area failing to meet legal requirements and operate because of the lack of oversite. Exposing the public to physical and financial danger. These illegal activities include:
Motorists need to perform due diligence look for reputable tow providers that specialize in your needs that operate in the Atlanta area. Look at the equipment a tow operator has, if it appears to be faulty, refuse service. If you use roadside assistance, be even more careful, most providers used by Roadside Assistance fail to meet Georgia’s legal requirements. If your vehicle is exotic, antique, specialty or valued over $75,000, skip roadside assistance and call a tow company that specializes in your situation (parking garage, missing tire, etc.). Most Roadside Assistance Towing Companies dispatched fail to possess proper training and equipment. If a tow operator arrives in a questionable truck or uses chains, stop them and get a different provider because chains will damage the vehicle at owner’s expense.
Insurance Risk Services of Georgia
Source: Insurance Risk Services of Georgia (IRSG)