Georgia Businesses Finally Getting Much-Needed Relief

With the announcement that Georgia businesses are finally getting much-needed relief — a major step forward for the local economic recovery due to COVID-19 — Arkad Business Solutions is here to educate the local community to ensure businesses take advantage of the employee retention credit.
“Biden encourages businesses to take advantage of the employee retention credit,” says CNBC. It is the goal of Arkad Business Solutions to educate our local community to ensure this happens.
With a quick, free, no-cost and no-obligation analysis, Arkad Business Solutions can search government sources to see what a business qualifies for. The analysis is done on a contingency basis, so there is no cost to the business owner until the business owner sees the savings and decides to take advantage of them. To learn more about this tax credit, click here
About Arkad Business Solutions: As an independent agent for Growth Management Group, Arkad Business Solutions work to serve businesses in locating large federal tax incentives and property tax savings, & other expense reduction savings on their dime, specializing in Hiring Tax Credits, Property Tax Mitigation, R & D Tax Credits, Engineered Cost Segregation Studies, & Workman’s Comp Audits.
Antonio Little-El
Arkad Business Solutions
Source: Arkad Business Solutions