George Panagiotopoulos’s new Audiobook ‘Lilith and the Maniot’ is a captivating psychological thriller about what could occur when one’s life descends into darkness

George Panagiotopoulos, a San Francisco native and devoted husband and father who has taken multiple writing courses in college, has completed his new audiobook “Lilith and the Maniot”: a novel that interweaves romance and insanity resulting in an absorbing tale. Readers follow the tragic life of Nick, the main character, as his life crumbles around him until he tries to take control and regain his sanity. 
“As I crack open the curtains of my room and gaze out at the vast, endless Pacific, with tiny Louis Diner in the foreground, my eyes begin to burn from the piercing light. I realize then how seldom I look out my window, and for a moment, I consider opening it up to let the cool ocean air sooth me. Instead, I slowly draw the curtains close and withdraw back to my bed,” writes Panagiotopoulos. “It has been just over a month since I discovered my wife was having an affair, and I have been in this hotel ever since I walked out of my front door leaving my precious young children, my dogs, the cats, and life as I knew it behind me. Since my world collapsed, I have completely withdrawn from my senses; I am completely numb. Well, to be honest, for the first week, I cried all the time. I laid on the floor and cried endlessly.”
Author George Panagiotopoulos’s new audiobook is a passionately written, clever book entwining suspense and romance.
The main character Nick thought he was living his best life: a gorgeous wife, two little kids, a home in San Francisco’s posh St. Francis Wood, and a job he enjoys in Silicon Valley. Everything changes when he uncovers his wife having an affair after he stumbles across her emails between her and her lover. Nick’s paradise turns into complete misery. He decides to leave this mess behind and checks into a local hotel. At the hotel, he falls into a deep depression from his heartache and isolates himself from the world. This causes him to fall even deeper into his melancholy.
As his mind starts to go insane from isolation and misery, he disconnects from reality and falls in and out of sleep. During this tumultuous time, a dreadful figure visits him during the night petrifying him. As the scary figure’s bizarre visits become more frequent, Nick becomes terrified of sleeping and decides to stay awake for as long as possible. The lack of sleep further debilitates his physical and mental state of existence. Sitting alone without any sleep, Nick becomes consumed with thoughts of his wife’s affair and the destruction of his perfect life. He eventually comes to the realization that he needs to stop his downward spiral to insanity and calls upon the only person he believe can help him breakthrough the trauma and piece him back together. Listeners will find out if Nick can survive the trauma with the help of a friend or if he would have rather been left in misery instead of facing the new life that is awaiting him.
Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Lilith and the Maniot” by George Panagiotopoulos through Audible, Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.
Source: Audiobook Network