Genityte is the only non-invasive treatment to improve both urge and stress urinary incontinence.

Incontinence is a medical problem that can significantly influence a women’s confidence and standard of living. Many women suffering from incontinence seek out surgical intervention, sometimes with limited success. Genityte, the first and only non-invasive treatment cleared by the FDA for both urge and stress incontinence, may offer these women more comprehensive bladder control.
Dr. Julie Reil, a physician, specializing in female sexual health and wellness at Shiloh Medical Clinic in Billings, MT, and the developer of Genityte, explains how the treatment works. “Genityte uses infrared technology to initiate tissue rejuvenation. It works by delivering broadband infrared light through the skin into the deep tissues of the pelvis. The light technology activates the fibroblasts in the cells of these tissues, repairing and tightening existing collagen and elastin fibers and making new fibers of each.” This results in dramatic toning of the skin, connective tissue, muscles, and pelvic floor structures.
 Along with strengthening the pelvic floor, “Genityte tones the urethra and surrounding tissues, restoring a tight seal to control accidental loss of urine better. The procedure also shores up the tissues of the vaginal wall and rectum,” she explains.
Dr. Reil believes the new treatment does more than provide bladder control. “Genityte is a restoration of the whole woman, her dignity, her active lifestyle, and her confidence.” Dr. Reil notes the positive response she has seen since offering the Genityte treatment. “Women have come from all over the United States for help, trusting us with their most embarrassing medical problems.” She continues, “Many of my patients have tried and failed one or even two surgical interventions, leaving them in a place of no hope. These same patients, when they reach the end of their Genityte treatment series, are very happy and even amazed with their results.”
To learn more about Genityte, Dr. Reil invites women to visit her Shiloh Medical Clinic’s website and schedule a consultation by calling (406) 252-0022.
Source: Shiloh Medical Clinic