Gavin Park – RMS Ground Maintenance Selects Veteran for Free Lawn Care

Gavin Park – owner of RMS Ground Maintenance in St. Louis, Missouri – continues to give back to his community. Gavin Park initiated a program two years ago that offers free lawn care to a selected military veteran within the St. Louis, Missouri, market where he owns and operates his business. Each year, RMS opens this service up to those who would like to nominate a neighbor or family member who would be in need of this type of service. These requests are sent in via Facebook or by email in the spring. Once the requests are received, RMS selects one individual to receive free lawn care for the year.
When asked how this came about, Mr. Park commented, “We feel this is a great way to give back to our community and support the ones that served our country. My guys take great pride in helping these veterans, as some of my guys are veterans themselves. Just an all-around win-win!”
Source: RMS Ground Maintenance