Gas Job Recruitment Process

When it comes to getting the right people into gas jobs there are two viewpoints on the one process. These are the viewpoint of the job seeker and viewpoint of the employer. The gas job recruitment process of course begins with the job vacancy and description.

Specialist recruitment companies. All big companies in the petrochemical industry outsource a lot of the stages of the recruitment process to agencies that specialize in bringing gas job employers and job seekers together.

Describing the gas job vacancy. From the viewpoint of the gas job recruiters the target job is always very well defined. This is the vital first step because unless they are clear on what they are looking for they are unlikely to find it. Job seekers must realize that job descriptions are their starting point too and if they do not meet all criteria in the job description they will probably not get past the first catch stage.

Advertising the gas job vacancy. Petrochemical employers and their recruiters work together to ensure that vacancy notifications are seen first by serious job seekers in the specialist gas job media. More and more these days this means online at gas job recruitment websites. Many recruiters send out email newsletters to their job seeking client list. Job seekers need to be registered with the specialist recruiters to stand any chance at all of getting a gas job. From the job seeker point of view the cover letter that accompanies your CV is the place to point out your suitability for the target job.

The first catch, CV as the key document. Once the closing date for applications has passed, the task of the gas job recruiters is to whittle down the first catch of job seekers to a number that can be interviewed. In addition to this they will be verifying qualifications and references. For the job seeker the importance of an up to date, clear and easy to read CV and covering letter cannot be overstated. Many gas job recruitment websites and agencies will give free advice and guidance on developing an effective CV. The job seeker and the recruitment agency have a mutual interest in filling the gas job vacancy with the right person.

Short listing. For the gas job recruitment company the next stage of the recruitment process is the busiest and most specialized. It is the assessment and sifting down of large numbers of job seekers to the required short list. The aim is to only take forward those people who meet the strict criteria in the target job description.

This is the rejection phase for the majority of job seekers. If you fail to get to an interview there are three basic causes. Either your CV and covering letter did not make your case well enough, there were other more obviously qualified candidates or you do not meet the requirements of the target gas job.

Less candidates, more time and money. Recruitment is a costly business for the recruiting company and it is always back loaded in that the shorter the list of gas job seekers the more time and effort goes into selecting the final one(s).

Frank Cullen MD

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