Garling & Co Lawyers, a ThreeBestRated® Award-Winning Compensation Lawyer Explains the Reasons to Hire a Compensation Lawyer

Being injured can be a stressful time for anyone. Especially when you got hurt during work. You may think that you can fight for your own claim. But the legal process is long and stressful. And you can never be sure if you will get the compensation you deserve.
That is why you will need a compensation lawyer by your side to make this process easier for you so you can focus on your recovery. Not convinced yet? How about we hear an expert’s opinion?
“If you have been injured at work, on the road, or through another’s fault, you should speak to a personal injury lawyer – understand your rights and how to pursue a claim. But don’t just talk to any lawyer. Speak to a lawyer who is accredited as a specialist in Personal Injury Law,” says Matthew Garling. Matthew is the founder of Garling & Co Lawyers, a ThreeBestRated® award-winning law firm in Sydney.
Matthew further explains some of the reasons to hire a compensation lawyer to get a workers compensation settlement:
About Matthew Garling – Garling & Co Lawyers:
Matthew Garling founded Garling & Co Lawyers, a high-end boutique Personal Injury Law firm, in 2011. Matthew has over 25 years’ experience in law and is passionate about helping everyday people obtain justice and legal rights.
“The earliest member of the Garling family in Australia holds the first solicitors’ licence to practice law in NSW. Matt’s extended family includes many notable solicitors, judges, and other legal fraternity members,” says Kylie Gill, Marketing Director of Garling & Co Lawyers.
“More than 60% of our enquiries come from people unhappy with their current legal representation, and our referrals come from within the legal profession,” she further adds.
Matthew and his team are proud to fight for ordinary people struggling to obtain their legal right to fair compensation by taking on big insurance companies and winning for their clients. For ten years, we have been achieving industry-leading results, and their exceptional client reviews are a testament to the high level of support their clients receive.
Garling & Co has been recognised for five consecutive years by Doyle’s Guide, a significant result for a boutique firm. And has been recognised as one of the top rated Compensation Lawyers in Sydney by ThreeBestRated since 2016.
Matthew and his team are thrilled to receive this award once again in 2021. “It is incredible to be recognised by ThreeBestRated®. This recognition highlights our commitment to our clients and the exceptional customer service we provide. ThreeBestRated® celebrates our difference as a high-end boutique firm, where going above and beyond for every client is at the core of what we do,” says Kylie.
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Source: ThreeBestRated