Gamry Instruments introduces the 1010T Course Starter Package

Gamry Instruments, the manufacturer of high-quality electrochemical instrumentation, has announced the launch of a new electrochemistry course starter package, the 1010T Starter Package.

The Interface 1010T Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA and Starter Pack is designed to help people understand and start making measurements sooner. The kit includes:
• Interface 1010T Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA
• Five experiments
• Student and Teacher’s manuals (digital)
• Cells and electrodes

This kit allows users to learn techniques like cyclic voltammetry, pulse techniques, corrosion techniques, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS).

The 1010T Course Starter Package rounds out Gamry’s laboratory course offerings. Previously, Gamry has developed the Modular Course, which can be customized based on your institution’s needs with as little as one experiment kit at a time, and the Complete Course, which contains eleven independent experiment kits to everything you need to begin the course.

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About Gamry Instruments
Founded in 1989, Gamry Instruments designs and builds precision electrochemical instrumentation and accessories. Their belief is that instruments should achieve a balance between performance and cost while striving for innovative designs and superior support.
Gamry takes pride in offering top notch support both before and after the sale. Our sales and support staff consist of electrochemists and engineers with real-world research experience.