Game Karma, a Gaming Portal, Finally Welcomes Gamers Around the Globe to Try 300+ Game Categories

Game Karma is an online portal that offers thousands of games for players worldwide. It was launched in 2021 and gathered a big collection of online games for all: children, teens, and adults, welcoming 3.2 million players globally. The site focuses on all types of players, regardless of gender and age, who need to complete a free registration to start playing. It’s available in the English and Russian languages.
To suit any player, regardless of their PC skills, the site’s interface and layout are simple and intuitive. For these reasons, the minimalist design and white color were chosen. To make the user experience as pleasant as possible, the website does not categorize games by types only: it also allows users to quickly access new and popular games. Thus, the website has something for both players seeking fresh releases and those who prefer well-tested options.
Game Karma provides access to 300+ categories of online games. Among them, one can find Adventure, Action, Arcade, Shooting, Battle Royale, Puzzle, Sport, Card, Color, Driving, Escape, Fighting, and more. There are also themed categories like Monster, Alien, Arcade, Ocean, Puzzle, and Princess. What is more, Game Karma allows playing renowned games like Minecraft, Snail Bob, Friday Night Funkin’, and many more. 
To meet the current demands of playing with friends, Game Karma allows shared play. One can find games for two and three players in the dedicated category. Among them are such entertainments as Head Football, Backgammon, Basketball, Ludo, Money Movers, Tennis Masters, etc. Players can choose activities based on the gameplay as well: they can either cooperate with friends or play against them in PvP games.
What is more, the site even differentiates games in terms of graphics. It offers 2D and 3D games for those who prefer more sophisticated, realistic, and beautiful game designs. While 3D games may require a higher Internet speed, all the games load fast provided the PC has a stable Internet connection. Some games are also available for mobile devices. 
Game Karma is a website that belongs to the gaming industry – one of the most rapidly developing spheres nowadays. The gaming industry has been on the rise since the pandemic and the lockdown situation that provoked increasing demand. According to the recent Newzoo report, the gaming market is growing at a CAGR of 8.7% from 2019 to 2024. In three years, it’s expected to reach a $200 billion valuation. With such a pace, we can expect Game Karma to keep growing at a fast pace and be of interest to players and partners alike.
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