Gabbi Tuft Signs Exclusive Public Relations Deal With NY Digital Media Firm

Karen D. Hunter, CEO of Manhattan-based Diana DesBois Digital LLC (D3), announces the signing of former WWE Superstar Gabbi Tuft and wife Priscilla Tuft to a Digital Multimedia Agreement, (The Digital Gabbi Transformation Project or DGTP). By virtue of the overwhelmingly positive feedback from her historic gender reveal interview with Extra, Gabbi is ready to show the world the great social causes she and Priscilla actively advocate and implement, such as health, fitness, gender equality and climate action. These are key objectives associated with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the USA, UK, Japan and 190 other countries since 2015. Gabbi’s spectacular post-WWE entry into outdoor motorcycle road racing can boost the $7 billion global motorsport industry, because motorsport promotes eRoad Racing using EV Motorcycles to support climate action.
Gabbi and Priscilla Tuft can strategically utilize D3’s extensive global experience and relationship equity with major media networks and executive producers, supplemented by digital development, management, marketing or publicity services for celebrities and non-celebrities. These are vital digital and physical touchpoints in the $2.3 trillion global creative economy to make broadcasting, streaming, podcasting, publishing, sports, fashion, music, movies, animation and engineering sustainable for all. Gabbi graduated as a Cal-Poly Civil Engineer. Priscilla is a Licensed Sports Nutritionist, Fitness Model and Reiki master.
Ms. Hunter has provided highly respected creative or business services to celebrities such as Steve Harvey, Sheree Whitfield, Devyn Simone, Shaun Ross and Carol Maraj. Ms. Hunter attended the Fashion Institute of Technology; she excels at building professions for international fashion designers and models, as well as nurturing TV, music and publishing careers for other clients. D3 collaborates with many celebrity publicists, facilitating major media appearances, and produces red-carpet events for (NYFW, Grammy’s, Oscars, AME, MTV VMA) to bring maximum exposure to clients.
Because of her personal touch, excellent track record and coveted relationships in the global entertainment and media industry, Ms. Hunter was highly recommended to Gabbi. Ms. Hunter was able to determine the level of creative engagement needed to curate the life stories, lived experiences, challenges, accomplishments, goals and social causes of the couple. D3 can digitally transform their trials, triumphs and trophies into valuable vehicles of social change. These include their fervent desire to help others, especially those in the LGBTQ community.
To promote digital diversity, D3 engages multicultural tech teams providing new digitally intelligent multimedia services to transform conventional publishing, podcasting, broadcasting and streaming into sustainable Digital Creative Application Technologies networks. These serve to manage, market and monetize the global creative economy for all. The UN declared 2021 “The International Year of Creative Economy in Sustainable Development”. Perfect timing for DGTP. 
Phone Contact: 917-880-2318
Source: Diana Des Bois Digital LLC