Future Pro USA Leads at Finding Soccer Scholarships for British Students Preparing to Join American Universities

The agency has been playing a big role in helping its clients find athletic grants in America.

Britain has many young student athletes who opt to pursue their university education in the United States. In addition to a range of academic courses, they also get good chances to display their sporting skills in US colleges. Those who have already proved their proficiency at a game or represented their town / county at some tournaments, have high chances of attaining sports bursaries in the top universities of America.

A substantial percentage of Future Pro USA’s clients seek its support for soccer scholarship in America. The game is loved in both UK and the US. Golf also ranks high on the popularity chart and many student athletes have acquired golf scholarships in American varsities with Future Pro’s assistance.

Students can demonstrate their talent at assessment matches conducted by the agency and can also share the videos of their previous games with the coaches from different colleges.

The trained team at Future Pro makes the entire scholarship application and recruitment process easier for students. It guides them with ideas that have worked for many others and by helping them get high bursary amounts, it makes their college degree courses more affordable in the US. The agency charges a modest fee only after the student’s seat is confirmed in the university.

In the words of Alex Manger, “I got selected for one of the best colleges in Arizona with a soccer scholarship that took care of more than 40% of my expenses. I express my gratitude to Future Pro USA for this achievement. Without their help, I could not have proven my skills to the people who matter. I was interviewed by three colleges and got positive responses but then I made my final choice on the availability of the academic course that I always wanted to pursue while playing soccer. Thanks Future Pro! You guys are the best.”

About Future Pro USA
Founded by David Bainbridge, Future Pro USA Ltd is an organisation that supports young UK athletes who are determined to achieve athletic and academic success in United States of America. David has graduated from Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina. Besides studying for his degree, he captained his university team and enjoyed a wonderful 4 year experience.

His own poor experience with some UK agencies – that had promised to get him a US scholarship but did not do so despite an upfront payment – inspired David to start a genuine agency of his own. At Future Pro USA, clients pay only half of deposit at the beginning of any program and 50% balance when the company starts the Visa process. The organisation is helping students secure scholarships in soccer, golf, tennis, swimming and few other international sports.

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