Fusion Marketplace Welcomes Lead Healthstaff as New Partner

Lead Healthstaff has joined Fusion Marketplace and is continuing its commitment to give travelers a higher level of transparency and ease in the search for their next career choice.
Fusion Marketplace launched Feb. 10, 2021, as a one-stop shop for healthcare travelers to take control of their careers. The traveler-first-driven platform provides full transparency for healthcare travelers and allows them to manage their information across multiple agencies. The healthcare traveler is now in the driver’s seat when it comes to their career. Leaders with Lead Healthstaff say they joined Fusion Marketplace because of how well positive energy flows between the two companies. 
“We are fired up to be partnering with Fusion Marketplace and their team,” Justin Allison, Chief Growth Officer of Lead Healthstaff, said. “I have no doubt that we will be able to provide a disproportionate amount of value to our nursing community online through their marketplace. It’s a new era in time when it comes to developing relationships and our gratitude is truly unlimited for a new relationship with Fusion.”
Fusion Marketplace is aimed at giving all healthcare travelers more transparency and fewer unknowns. They are able to use the one-stop shop to compare benefits, pay packages and reviews across multiple agencies. This new career platform gives the traveler full control of their job search and provides them with tools to improve the overall experience of comparing options. 
“The whole team at Fusion is enthusiastic about the new partnership between Lead Healthstaff and Marketplace,” said Carrie Polak, Manager of Customer Success for Fusion Marketplace. “Lead shows so much passion for their healthcare professionals, and we are all excited to see how that passion positively impacts Fusion Marketplace.” 
To learn more about Fusion Marketplace and to create a traveler profile, go to fusionmarketplace.com. 
About Fusion Marketplace:
Fusion Marketplace is a staffing recruitment platform where healthcare travelers are in control. Healthcare travelers now have more career, agency, recruiter, and lifestyle choices in one convenient location. Unknowns known. Learn more at fusionmarketplace.com.
About Lead Healthstaff:
Lead Healthstaff is passionate about helping the heroes of the healthcare world live out their nomadic travel nursing dreams while positively impacting those in need across the country. Our team of travel partners possesses a wealth of knowledge of the industry and a tremendous amount of respect for clinicians. We pride ourselves on our one-to-one personal service. Your interests, preferences and, above all, safety is our number one priority.
Source: Fusion Marketplace