Fulton Books Author Virginia Talbot’s New Book, ‘Elephants, Dolphins and Rudolph’, Is a Fun and Insightful Piece That Introduces Digraphs to Beginning Readers

Virginia Talbot, a primary grade teacher for 37 years and an eloquent writer, has completed her most recent book, “Elephants, Dolphins and Rudolph”:  a dazzling picture book designed to teach digraphs to kids who are learning to read. Found within the pages are captivating illustrations that fit their respective short story. The digraphs are also highlighted within the narrations, a perfect way for children to become familiar with them.
“Elephants, Dolphins and Rudolph is a book of digraphs for beginning readers. Each page has a wonderfully illustrated short story featuring a common digraph. Twenty-four different digraphs are included—ph, th, sh, ou, ow, oi, just to name a few. The ph story is as follows:
“‘Philip has a phone call.
“‘It is from his nephew.
“‘His nephew has a new photo album.
“‘He has a photo of an elephant.
“‘And a photo of a pheasant.
“‘And a photo of two dolphins.
“‘His best photo is of Rudolph!'”
Published by Fulton Books, Virginia Talbot’s book is an intellectually invigorating read intended for kids who struggle in pronouncing digraphs such as “sh” and “ch” or the “oo” and “oa” sounds. Parents of preschool and kindergarten students will find this book an essential part to their child’s early education.
Readers who wish to experience this educational work can purchase “Elephants, Dolphins and Rudolph” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books