Fulton Books Author Stephanie M. Wilkerson’s New Book ‘Quirky Poems Just For Kids’ Is A Humorous Set Of Poetic Stories That Bring Out The Laughing Smiley Faces Of Children

Stephanie M. Wilkerson, a children’s story and poetry writer since 2007 and a caregiver to the elderly, has completed her most recent book “Quirky Poems Just For Kids”: an interesting and funny collection of poems that brighten the day and bring laughter to a whole new level for the kids and their friends!
Wilkerson shares, “The definition of ‘quirky’ in the Merriam Webster Dictionary states that this word means ‘unusual in an interesting or appealing way.’
Most people would say to be quirky is to be ‘unconventional, even endearing’ – definitely positive traits!
Perhaps you will even recognize yourself in some of my poems and it will bring a smile to your face or even make you laugh out loud!
I hope you will enjoy these twelve quirky poems!”
Published by Fulton Books, Stephanie M. Wilkerson’s book is a greatly amusing poetry that kids can absolutely enjoy reading whether alone or with friends. It also gives them positive energy and improves their mood to be happy children.
Readers who wish to experience this cheerful work can purchase “Quirky Poems Just For Kids” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books