Fulton Books Author Stefan Francis Kelleher’s Novel, ‘Felix the Red’, Is an Epic Adventure That Takes Readers on an Exciting Emotional Journey of Self-Discovery

Stefan Francis Kelleher is a dedicated educator who has taught literature in public high school for over two decades and is a talented storyteller. He has completed his most recent book, “Felix the Red,” an epic odyssey that follows the incredible journey of a hairless ferret with blood-red eyes named Felix. Felix was originally groomed to be one of the greatest hunters of them all but when he is tasked with exterminating the mysterious creatures he meets in the colony of New Zealand, he suddenly begins to question his duties and responsibilities. How long will he keep on participating in this bloodshed? How long will the rewards satisfy him? Is he truly satisfied? And is it too late to take a detour now?
Kelleher shares: “Back in England, where he was raised, Felix, a hairless ferret with bloodred eyes, was thought to be one of the greatest hunters of them all, able to force his way down any hole in the earth and drive his prey up to the surface to be destroyed. However, when the Breeder decides to ship him and the other ferrets in the barn off to the colony of New Zealand to help exterminate the native pest populations, Felix begins to question the part he has played in the seemingly unending cycle of violence as he encounters a vast new array of mysterious creatures that he must hunt down and eliminate. Will he continue to do Man’s bidding and enjoy the rewards bestowed upon him by his human handlers? Or will this strange land he has been sent to inspire a change of heart in him that will alter the course of his destiny forever? Based on actual historical events, Felix the Red is the epic adventure about how one humble ferret’s moral awakening emboldens him to break the chains of his bondage and lead an entire population to freedom.”
Published by Fulton Books, Stefan Francis Kelleher’s book is a powerful and gripping narrative that seamlessly binds the greed and hypocrisy of humans into a whimsical novel of survival and yearning for freedom. It is an evocative tale that shows how a change in one’s moral outlook can lead to a brighter future, not just for the individual experiencing the change but for all those around them.
Readers who wish to experience this work can purchase “Felix the Red” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books