Fulton Books Author Monica White’s New Book, ‘Water’s Edge’, is an Action-Packed Fantasy Novel That Takes Place in a World With Magnificent Creatures and Magic

Monica White, a former military member, an established author of fiction fantasy books, a full-time college student from Colorado, has completed her most recent book, “Water’s Edge”:  a compelling and magical adventure where a fateful battle between the light and the dark will commence. Simultaneously, an unanticipated encounter with a mysterious stranger unfolds.
Monica writes, “Every day is normal and predictable. Anybody that knows me can tell you my exact movements. For example, the coffee shop. Always the same—chocolate raspberry muffin and a large hot white chocolate mocha. These women know me so well that it is ready when I reach the counter. Dreams are the windows to our future, but my dreams are of the unreal and unnatural—dragons, evil darkness, and pure white magic. But one day, everything will change. It was not planned, and it was not predicted; it just happened. His name was Derek, with his huge but protective body and the type of eyes that could see all the way down to your deepest and darkest thoughts while caressing your soul.
“What we would never believe to be real has happened. The darkness wants me, and I have no way to fight it, or at least that is what I had thought. He will protect me and bring out my inner magic that has been waiting for the right person. A lost soul has been found, a battle will be fought, but what will become of me, and how will I continue on?
“I have found my light and my purpose, but in the end, will it be enough to win the battle between light and dark?”
Published by Fulton Books, Monica White’s book is an exciting read that descends into a world of fantasy where nothing seems to make sense, and the journey gets even more surreal and strange. This book also brings tension and excitement in the event when a predictable life turns unexpected.
Readers who wish to experience this enthralling work can purchase “Water’s Edge” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books