Fulton Books Author James Hall’s New Book ‘Glorieon: Harvest Season’ is a Fascinating Fiction About a Fallen Angel in the Earthly Realm Fulfilling Her Destiny

James Hall, a fiction writer, a storyteller, a loving father of two daughters has completed his most recent book “Glorieon: Harvest Season”: a compelling adventure of a mysterious girl who discovers her divine purpose as she ventured through the phenomena of the physical world.

Hall shares, “A riveting fantasy about fallen angels who rebelled since the beginning of time. An untold story of a wingless entity arriving on Earth to awaken a tree in hibernation. A mysterious girl grows up in the wilderness among flora and fauna. Her innocence limits her perception of the worldly domain. She dwells in a place where the folds of space do not hold onto time. Her adventures bring her through the various ecosystems in search of divine purpose. Many of the forest inhabitants conceal their true identity. Since the beginning of time, a few rebellious angels remained in the far reaches of the universe. Ancient tribes once wrote about such planets that got buried in Earth’s history. Forbidden scrolls and lost tribes await her destiny. A strange encounter with a peculiar divine orb gives rise to cosmic flight.
“Near the Persian Gulf, a forgotten riverbed leads toward a sleeping tree beneath holy soils. The mystery of black energy restricts man from opening wormholes to connecting galaxies. Such is the angelic power that bears a key for safe passage through black holes. Glorieon has awakened the tree that sounds like a heart-pumping river of life. Leapfrogging across galaxies brings home cryogenic vessels filled with precious entities teeming with renewed hope. The tree’s once forbidden apple has opened man’s eyes to the dawn of self-awareness. Darkness has taught us all to believe in something greater than ourselves. The soul shall rise again through faith to grow back its cosmic wings. Many astronomers and ocean-bearing captains have reported mysterious-looking orbs sighting for eons.”
Published by Fulton Books, James Hall’s book is an enthralling and imaginative read about divine entities and the mysteries of the world. It also takes readers to a journey of solitude and awareness with the gifts of nature while exploring the hidden realms.
Readers who wish to experience this engrossing work can purchase “Glorieon: Harvest Season” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books