Fulton Books Author Florence J. Mills’ New Book ‘Lost and I Found Me 20/20’ Is An Uplifting Journey Of Self-Reflection And Finding Healing In Hopelessness

Fulton Books Author, Florence J. Mills, playwright, director, producer, performer, and nurse has completed her most recent book “Lost and I Found Me 20/20”: a profound and soulful anthology of a woman about finding hope in grief and light in darkness. As the world gets struck in devastation over the pandemic, many lost their lives and some got their mental health affected. Hopefully, this also leads them closer to God more than ever.
Mills shares, “This year has been a trying year for many people. It is a year of self-reflection, to see what is missing in our lives. As we progress toward technologies, some of us lost the essence of family, and we also have lost the simple things. We take for granted our freedom to embrace and love freely. This year is a reminder of how we all share a common ground. The ability to live, breathe, and touch can be curtailed. It forces us to be conservatives and to appreciate our relationship with each other as many of us found ourselves sick and alone. Our survival depends on the connection we make as well as following protocols set for us, such as handwashing and wearing a mask. I found myself even after receiving immunity and being told I’m healthy. I still feel the need to continue to wear a mask and walk with a sanitizer, because I was in the mouth of the dragon and was given a second chance. I share that I lost and found myself in 2020 and hope you find yourself too.
It is with great joy that I was able to find myself. I am lucky enough to able to use those moments of uncertainty to share work with you. In March, as the pandemic became more important than the president, that is when fear and anxiety took a hold of me. As I sit in front of my tablet near my window, the sound of an ambulance became habitual. The Shakespearean quote to whom the bell tolls sinks into my consciousness and isolation was the norm. I knew that I would continue my relationship with God. If I pulled through, I would never doubt God’s existence in my life. I would live my life to the fullest and do what I was born to do. So I’m bringing you Lost and I Found Me in 2020.”
Published by Fulton Books, Florence J. Mills’ book is an expressive and meaningful journal of a woman’s suffering in the loss of loved ones and finding oneself as the pandemic reminds everyone to appreciate life more with family and friends and to not take dreams for granted.
This book also describes that life in the middle of the pandemic can be full of uncertainties and doubts, but when one resides faithfully with God, all the worries and troubles will fade away and healing and peace comes.
Readers who wish to experience this inspiring work can purchase “Lost and I Found Me 20/20” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books