Fulton Books Author Danny Hayes’ New Book ‘The Purple Swing’ Brings Precious Bedtime Tales About Happiness, Magic, and Trips to Dreamland

Danny Hayes, a loving father and husband, a brilliant writer, has completed his most recent book “The Purple Swing”: a fun and lovely collection of short illustrated stories about a boy and a girl hopping on a purple swing that takes them to faraway places with astonishing sights.
Hayes shares, “The Purple Swing stories are designed for small children at bedtime. The use of a repeated opening is to bring familiarity and comfort at a time to go to a happy place. Each ending brings a magical end with a thought for young imaginations that will carry them into dreamland.”
Published by Fulton Books, Danny Hayes’ book will delight the young readers in an amusing experience as they join a pair of kids in their adventures. With the use of a magical swing, everyone will discover a world painted from imagination and dreams.
Readers who wish to experience this fantastic work can purchase “The Purple Swing” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books