Fulton Books Author Casey Luczak’s New Book ‘The Prison House of Nations—America!’ Brings a Compelling Discourse of How Justice Operates in America

Casey Luczak, a self-educated legal practitioner with over twenty years of criminal law experience, has completed his most recent book “The Prison House of Nations—America!”: a substantial opus that exposes the injustice that runs rampant in the land of the free. This book discloses the sad truth of how power always wins against true justice.

Casey writes, “This writing of collected anecdotes is intended to draw attention to crimes and prisons in this country, a subject matter the American public prefers to keep out of sight. Admittedly, the people can no longer afford to continue this demeanor. The author comes from the inside. He knows the system, he knows the law, and he can find flaws in any case. Prosecutors and judges make mistakes—first, because they employ misconduct when necessary to preserve a conviction and, second, because they are in a hurry, always in a hurry, which is when legal mistakes are made that lead to proper affirmative relief.
Enjoy the read! Hopefully, when you finish, you will better appreciate the imminent danger of crime in this country—assuredly not because of the criminal action itself, but deplorably because of what follows.”
Published by Fulton Books, Casey Luczak’s book shares stories of real people and real journeys, stories of those who were wrongly accused and convicted of crimes they did not commit; only forced to the sides by an unfair system.
This book is a wake-up call for everyone to see a criminal justice system that never was.
Readers who wish to experience this well-written work can purchase “The Prison House of Nations—America!” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books