Fully Loaded Electronics Delivers Joy and Laughter to Hospitals Nationwide

Video games are an extremely versatile tool hospitals can use to help a patient manage pain, boredom, anxiety, sadness, and cognitive impairment while also allowing social connection and interaction with family and friends.
However, this tool comes with its own set of challenges. Hospitals don’t regularly have a video game technician on staff nor do they want to have to organize and catalog game cartridges, cords, remotes and accessories.
Fully Loaded Electronics has created a patent-pending mobile video game cart that works with any gaming system (past, present and future) just by swapping out the case. All games come loaded onto the video game system, so there are no discs to clean or manage. The Arcade Cart is medical grade and can be wiped down with disinfectants between players.
These carts have been incredibly popular for interactive patient entertainment, distraction, and improved morale since the COVID-19 pandemic has forced hospitals to restrict the number of visitors a patient can have.
In a recent client review, Fully Loaded Electronics received high marks for their Fully Loaded PlayStation 4 Game Cart that was recently deployed at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. Kim Eighmey, Manager, Child Life Services had this to say about her experience with Fully Loaded:
“We’ve seen our teenagers say they enjoy the hospital better because we offer these opportunities for distraction and diversion. A lot of times, playing video games provides patients with a sense of normalcy – it’s what they would be doing at home. The fact that all of the systems are pre-loaded means we no longer have to worry about organizing and losing individual games – everything is ready to go! For a child in the hospital, they have so many choices taken away from them – they can’t choose whether or not to get an IV or whether or not they have surgery… but they DO get to choose which of the 30+ amazing games they want to play. Offering this choice is really powerful for a child in the hospital – it truly promotes healing.”
Sarah Quinette, CCLS from Ascension St. Vincent’s Evansville recently reviewed the Xbox One Arcade Cart from Fully Loaded Electronics. In her words:
“The Fully Loaded Arcade Cart has been extremely beneficial to our pediatric patients. The Arcade Cart helps to provide a normalized environment in an unfamiliar setting. We have seen the Arcade Gaming Cart enhance overall coping during their hospitalization. Our pediatric unit is very thankful for the Fully Loaded Arcade Cart. We have seen great big smiles from our pediatric patients when we wheel in the Fully Loaded Arcade Cart into their room. Working with staff at Fully Loaded has been great as well. Very good communication and helpful!”
Fully Loaded Electronics continues to receive high marks from hospitals nationwide for their innovative and safe approach to gaming entertainment. For more about Fully Loaded Electronics, visit www.FullyLoadedElectronics.com
Source: Fully Loaded Electronics