Fully Loaded Electronics Connects Sick Kids to Video Gaming Systems With Launch of Gift of Gaming

After years of supplying fully loaded video game systems to pediatric hospitals, Fully Loaded Electronics recently noticed that cash-strapped hospitals were struggling to pay for the gaming systems they desperately needed. These Xboxes, PlayStations and Nintendos, which come fully loaded with the newest video games, are essential to keep pediatric patients entertained during difficult times. 
Studies have shown that gaming helps kids in hospitals with boredom, anxiety, and pain management. In a time where safe and sanitary play in the hospital is more important than ever, gaming consoles offer a unique way to entertain and distract kids when they need it most.
“We use gaming activities as a way to help normalize the hospital environment, provide a distraction for our patients while they’re here, and also improve their overall coping with their medical treatment,” said Katie, a Child Life Specialist at Texas Children’s Hospital.
Gift of Gaming aims to fill the gap between what hospitals can afford and what they need to provide the joy of gaming to the sick kids in their care. Hospitals can easily register their wish list with Gift of Gaming and the program will give them the tools they need to connect with donors ready to help.
Those interested in helping Gift of Gaming with their mission can gift funds that Gift of Gaming will use to send fully loaded gaming systems to hospitals, or they can gift new or gently used gaming systems that will go directly to hospitals. Donors can give to specific hospitals or contribute to a general hospital fund. To connect with this important program, please visit www.GiftofGaming.com.
Know a hospital in need? Want to spearhead a fundraising campaign in your community?  Please contact Gift of Gaming at 425-582-3173.
Learn more about Gift of Gaming at www.GiftofGaming.com or by emailing Jenn Geese at Jenn@FullyLoadedElectronics.com, or by calling 1-888-506-0219 toll-free or 425-582-3173 office.
Source: Fully Loaded Electronics