FTP Global Announce Quarter 3 Figures Have Beaten Target By 11%

FTP Global are pleased to announce that their quarter 3 trading figures were 11% above the targeted figure that the firm had forecast for the period. They confirmed that their quarter 4 figures are now being reviewed as a result and expect them to be adjusted higher than they currently are.

“Quarter 3 was a very good period for us as it beat our estimates by some considerable margin. This was somewhat expected especially after quarter 2 being such a good month, we seemed to carry very good momentum from one quarter to the next. Quarter 4 is looking as though it too will be a good quarter also as, yet again we have carried momentum from quarter 3 in to it. We will shortly be reviewing our quarter4 figures and we do expect that we will be adjusting them to allow for an expected increase in trading for the period,” said Terence Pinkerton, managing partner.

“This year has proven to be rather pivotal for us regarding our company growth, last year we worked very hard indeed to improve upon our client services and the business model that we had established. These changes seem to have paid dividends as every quarter thus far this year has beaten our initial forecasts. 2018 is again going to be pivotal as we embark on an expansion program that has planning in place until 2019. We are now in a far better position to fulfill this expansion program than we were 20 or 24 months ago,” Pinkerton added.

FTP Global added that full praise has to be given to their teams and their clients who have both embraced the company’s vision for a better service-orientated approach and adopted their anticipated expansion program.

“Without the full support of our staff and our clients none of what we have achieved, or want to achieve, is possible and I would like to thank each and every one for their continued support. We fully understand that our clients must come first but we also realize that we also need a committed team in place to look after them. I believe we are now achieving a well-balanced set up between service and support and we will strive to improve upon this as the company expands,” Pinkerton concluded.


At FTP Global we pride ourselves in offering our entire client base a diverse range of investment opportunities, all of which have been thoroughly researched by our in-house analysts. All of whom have their own specific market insights and unique analytical practices in best determining the right opportunities for our discerning and demanding clients.