From App to Platform: UXReality Launches Fully Featured AI-Powered Virtual UX Lab

In a world where understanding the user experience is more important than ever, knowing where visual attention goes is priceless. User research is an essential part of maintaining digital product performance and optimizing conversion rates. Until recently, around 60% of user research by measuring facial expressions and gaze movements was done in a hardware-equipped lab. It was efficient in terms of data quality thanks to using professional eye trackers, but limited by the needs for a central location and long analysis process.

In current conditions, lab-based user testing and research methods such as in-person observations, interviews with focus groups, and face-to-face surveys are challenging if not impossible. However, since all business was obliged to completely go online, a deep understanding of digital consumers’ experience remains the only way to stay afloat.

CEO Dmitry Gaiduk commented: “In order to give businesses the tools necessary to adapt to current ground truths, the UXReality team transformed the product from a simple app-assistant into a full-ledged platform for agile UX testing. This solution empowers usability professionals to not just adapt, but to now conduct usability testing in more ways than ever before with even more data, and to do so faster and at lower costs.”

The solution consists of an online platform to set up projects, a browser extension for running tests on desktop, and the app for gathering mobile user insights remotely. The system is based on advanced artificial intelligence integrated with proven eye-tracking and facial coding technology data acquisition via webcam.

With UXReality users can implement usability tests in minutes:

– It works for unmoderated and moderated tests
– Includes online eye-tracking and facial coding that are run simultaneously and analyzed automatically
– Provides standard UX questionnaire templates and is suitable for exploratory research studies as well
– Allows testing prototypes as well as live sites and apps
– Can be run both for mobile versions and desktop products
– Gives access to built-in panels of testers worldwide

The solution is built in a way that simplifies the process of switching from lab to online. All the tools, metrics, and methods are what usability professionals expect, with enhanced features only possible within a digital environment. No hardware is needed; UXReality is aimed to provide businesses with more flexibility and reduce the time between setting up user testing and presenting ready for implementation insights.

About UXReality
UXReality, designed by CoolTool, is the first solution in the world that literally turns any smartphone or desktop into a fully-featured usability lab for studying real user behavior. The UXReality platform is able to “understand” what users see via gaze and eye movements tracking and what feelings a person experiences each second of the interaction. UXReality leverages the award-winning technology developed by CoolTool, an automated insights platform that allows users to track and understand what people see, think, and feel beyond their conscious control. All CoolTool solutions are designed to help marketers build better brands, ads, products, and user experiences via a holistic understanding of consumer behavior. Thanks to AI technology, CoolTool successfully integrates a survey engine with eye tracking, emotion measurement, EEG, implicit tests, and website behavior tracking. Find out more at:

Elena Ruchko
Head of Marketing at CoolTool and UXReality