FreebieJeebies, legit easy way to make money! Featured on The Gadget show! INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Click the link and sign up (it’s free). 2) Go to the offers page, click the Intuit 30-day web hosting trial and sign up, following instructions. The trial is non-obligatory and you may cancel whenever you like. 3) Wait 2-3 days and check your Freebie Jeebies account, it should list the offer as, “Completed”. 4) Generate, “Referrals” by getting your friends to do the same as you have done. Use your own referral code to share the site with others and have them sign up through you in order to get credit when they complete an offer. 5) After so many “Referrals” have been acquired, you will qualify for a free gift. TIP: I recommend the Intuit offer because they are the same people who make, Turbo Tax and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Also, their trial is free unless you decide to keep your website after the trial expires after 30 days. TIP: I would STRONGLY discourage you from engaging in any offers from less reputable companies, and beware, many of the other offers require you to pay money up front. FRIENDLY TIP: If you for whatever reason would rather not complete any of the offers, simply gather 3 “Referrals” and you’re offer will count as, “Completed.” Referrals gathered after this will go towards your free gift. 🙂 FRIENDLY TIP: There is no limit to the amount of free gifts you may receive, so long as you gather the required number of referrals. FRIENDLY BIT OF INFO: The company is based

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